Pricing for Bioinformatic services at NgBS

Prices are listed below to provide a guide on the possible costs associated with your project, but please be aware that the actual cost may vary depending on the nature of the work required (this will be confirmed with you before we start). Prices are also for bioinformatics only, sequencing services are not currently offered by NgBS and will incur additional charges from the sequencing centres.

International clients are welcome, and we hope that you find our services very competitively priced (Currently 1 NZD is equal to 0.72 USD).

Pricing RNA-seq

Pricing for RNA-seq is based on the volume of sequencing performed. As a guide, a standard conservative RNA-seq experiment involving three control and three treatment samples (6 in total) would normally be sequenced on 1 HiSeq2500 lane.

Size HiSeq2500 lanes Indicative cost^ (NZD ex GST)
Small 1 lane or less $1600
Medium 2 - 4 $2600
Large 4+ Please make an enquiry
^Price is for a standard project (see RNA-seq FAQ) and will be confirmed before commencement of work

Pricing SNP analysis

Required workflow Indicative cost^ (NZD ex GST)
Simple SNP calling for one organism/strain $1400
Simple SNP calling for two organisms/strains $1800
Simple SNP calling for more than two organisms/strains Please make an enquiry
Provide a consensus set of SNPs from two SNP callers Add $400 to the cost shown above
Functionally characterise SNPs/indels (synonymous/nonsynonymous/frameshift etc.)* Add $400** to costs shown above
^Price will be confirmed before the commencement of work
*Requires a set of gene models for the species under examination
**For more than two strains additional charges apply

Pricing amplicon analysis

Pricing for amplicon projects is based on the volume of sequencing performed on a MiSeq machine (~15,000,000 reads per run).

Size Data Volume Indicative cost^ (NZD ex GST)
Small < 96 samples $1400
Medium > 96 samples $2000
^Price will be confirmed before commencement of work

Assembly pricing

Size Example Indicative cost^ (NZD ex GST)
Small Bacteria/Yeast $1400
Medium Arthropod/Arabidopsis $2500
Large Vertebrate Please make an enquiry
^Price will be confirmed prior to commencing work. This price is for an assembly only.