Who are 'we'?

We run a small (but growing) bioinformatics company based in Palmerston North New Zealand. Our aim is to provide high quality bioinformatic services at the best possible price. Be sure to check out our Resources page for some useful Docs and general information on Bioinformatics.

Drs Dave Wheeler and Sarah Harmer

Professional Experience

Dave has worked in the field of bioinformatics at a number of world class Universities and also has experience working as a bioinformatician for a service company. His brief Bio is below and more specific information can be found in his CV.

  • PHD University of Adelaide in Evolutionary genetics (2003)
  • Postdoc, Botany, University of Melbourne (2005)
  • Postdoc, Ecological Genomics Institute, Kansas State University, (2008)
  • Postdoc, Department of Biology, University of Rochester (2010)
  • Lecturer in Genomics and Bioinformatics, Massey University (2013-17)
  • NZGL Ltd Bioinformatican (2013-17)
  • NgBS Ltd Bioinformatican (2017-)

Sarah has a PhD in plant genetics obtained from the University of Adelaide (2003). She carried out postdoctoral research at the United States Department of Agriculture (Kansas USA), where she studied the genetic basis of milling qualities in Hard winter wheat. Sarah also has extensive management and administration experience in both the University and Commercial sectors.

Publish or perish... \-:

At NgBS we are keen to be involved in the publication of results that stem from our service work. Of course the final decision on authorship is yours and in cases where our role was purely service provision authorship would not be appropriate. However, if the project involved some aspects of pipeline development or (especially) the interpretation of the data, we ask that you consider including us as authors. Of course in cases where we are included as authors we can contribute to writing the resulting manuscript!

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