Welcome to Nextgen Bioinformatic Services!

At NgBS we specialise in providing flexible bioinformatic solutions at the best possible price. Let us take care of the technical challenges associated with Nextgen sequencing so that you can focus on what really matters - answering your research question!

We provide 1 hour of free consultation with each new inquiry, and we love talking science, so no matter how big or small the project get in touch today!

Do you provide a sequencing service?

NgBS currently doesn't offer a sequencing service, so for any genomics associated with your project we recommend the sequencing facilities at Auckland, Massey and Otago Universities. We would encourage you to get in contact with us before you carry out any sequencing so that we can work with you, and the sequencing core, to make sure you get the services that best suit your project.

How can we help?

I want to identify differentially expressed genes using RNA-seq.

I want to characterise organisms and communities using amplicons/metagenomics.

I want to assemble a genome or transcriptome.

I want to identify polymorphisms using SNP calling.

I want a custom solution to my data problems.

I want to consult with an expert who can give me advice on the best way to generate and analyse nextgen sequencing data or write the bioinformatics section of my grant.

Or I'm not sure what I want or need?!